GRE words suck!

on Thursday, April 28, 2011
Its really hard to memorize GRE words. I have one month left before the test and i am reading those freaking words and forgetting. More important thing is the more i read words the more my brain becomes lazy and it seems i am turning into a thicko. It does not seem to work well. I hope and pray that this shitty GRE will go well. Next few weeks will be really stressful !


Rinth said...

Best of luck :)!

Mushfiq said...

Thank you Rinth ! ;)

Guest said...

No saying Bad words please. I'm sure you'll pull through Good Luck.
PS how does this Guest thingy work I see I can see 'my; profile (guest profile) but anyone can write using it so it shouldn't really have a profile or your action button because that all isn't my action.right?

PPS you are NOT a thicko you just need to relax a bit and meditate to remember that you have your whole life ahead of you a single test no matter how important isn't really important if you think this way your brain will clear up and you will regain all thinking functionality (I got this for the SAT website)

Guest said...

What exactly is a Rinth?