GRE words suck!

on Thursday, April 28, 2011
Its really hard to memorize GRE words. I have one month left before the test and i am reading those freaking words and forgetting. More important thing is the more i read words the more my brain becomes lazy and it seems i am turning into a thicko. It does not seem to work well. I hope and pray that this shitty GRE will go well. Next few weeks will be really stressful !

It's Time To Fix Up Broken Dreams

on Saturday, April 23, 2011
Now i am walking on the boulevard of broken dreams. When i came to the physics department on 2006 i had a great dream to become a great physicist. I wanted that so much it came to me at immense speed and just passed me. I could not catch it. Now i have turned around and trying to catch it again.

The story is, i was too crazy. I hardly cared about courses and exams and now paying up for that mistake. I realized about that in the middle of my undergraduate studies and then worked on that problem. But could not recover totally. Just fell short of the targeted GPA.  So i may even miss the opportunity to get into the Masters program of  Theoretical Physics department at University of Dhaka. I really wanted to get into that Department. This year there is a good competition going on there. 

So its hard time for me. But i have not prostrated myself with frustration. Because the game is not over yet. Still there are ways to reach my goal or dream whatever you say. Right now i have to do good in the GRE exams. That's the first and most important task now. A good score should fix up my broken dreams quite well.

These twists are the interesting moments of life. These makes life challenging and alive. Remember one thing, if  you really want to achieve something in life then don't be crazy, work in a systemic way and try not to go against the system. Accept it and work hard. Cheers!

Update 9/5/2011: I have been accepted in that masters program.

Result or Re-assault ?

on Sunday, April 10, 2011
It comes every year in yearly system, every few months in semester system. It can take away your breath, disturb in your sleep! Its the result of your exam . Actually an assault  that every student faces (excluding course-worms/geniuses). After that assault we swear to defend it next time by taking better preparation and strategy. The greatest lesson of history is nobody takes lesson from history. Same thing happens here. We forget in the middle and get assaulted again. Even if we are prepared , somehow we get assaulted by some commando attack ( Questions/Marks from hell ). This Re-assault has become my fate and if you agree i can say our fate ! Now i am getting ready to taste the next one! Ooops!

Read It Later

on Saturday, April 2, 2011
Found an addon today. Its name is Read it later. You just save your pages with just a click in the address bar and read them when you have time. Really nice and useful addon. Just added it to my firefox 4 . Its available for other popular browsers also.

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