Faster than light ?

on Friday, September 23, 2011
Photo: wikipedia
The neutrinos are fired deep under the Italian Apennines at Gran Sasso. Photo - BBC
 Its a hot news. OPERA, an experimental collaboration group found that neutrino traveled faster than light. They claimed that neutrinos arrived 60 nanoseconds before the light. According to relativity nothing can exceed the speed of light. So its challenging Einstein's theory of relativity. I think , some interesting phenomena of neutrino will explain this event and point to the error of the experiment and relativity will survive as always . Physorg posted a good article here. BBC also covered the story here. Here are Tommaso Dorigo's post and Prof. Matt Strassler's blog post in this issue. I am too lazy to write more. So its time to wait for everybody except particle physicists who will scrutinize these stuffs carefully or try to varify this result with another experiment.